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!!PREMIUM NORTH AMERICA 2024-1 Next and 2023 Premium


BMW NEXT STYLE 20224- 1 NEXT / PREMIUM STYLE 2023 /EVO 2022-2 Map have just been released if you purchased a BMW Lifetime FSC code you do not need to buy another FSC code, just purchase the Map data to carry out update. With this purchase, you will get the Map Download link and video instructions on how to carry out update. You also need a 64GB/32 GB or higher USB in FAT32/EXFAT format.

You are given the option to choose “Direct Download. Please do not buy this unless you already have a Lifetime FSC Code.

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $29.99.

BMW USB Upgrade

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Australia & New Zealand, Europe, North America


Are you a proud owner of a BMW vehicle? Do you rely on your BMW’s navigation system to guide you through your journeys? Then Buy BMW FSC Code Lifetime.

It’s important to note that having the latest map updates is crucial for safe and efficient driving. The new maps not only provide updated road information, but they also include new features such as easy-to-use navigation and traffic information.

What are BMW FSC Codes?

BMW FSC codes, also known as Feature Specific Codes, are unique codes that are generated by BMW for their navigation system updates. These codes are required to enable certain features or unlock specific functions in the BMW iDrive system, including navigation map updates, software updates, and other enhancements. BMW FSC codes are specific to each vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and are typically obtained from BMW dealerships or authorized vendors.

How do BMW FSC Codes Work?

BMW FSC codes are linked to the BMW vehicle’s VIN and are used to authenticate and authorize the installation of software updates or map updates. When a BMW FSC code is entered into the iDrive system, it unlocks the corresponding features or functions that are associated with the code. This allows the vehicle owner to update the navigation maps, install new software, or enable additional features on their BMW vehicle.

Benefits of BMW FSC Code Lifetime

  • Cost-effective
  • Convenience
  • Future-proofing
  • Versatility

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1 review for BMW FSC Code Lifetime – BMW Navigation Updates

  1. Michal Owczarek

    I live in New Jersey and with all the houses and new streets being constructed the map in my 2016 535i was out of date severely. I found online and have been satisfied with their customer service. The navigation is now current and works great.

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