To update your BMW or Mini’s navigation system, you’ll need a specific 20-digit code known as the BMW Map FSC Code. This FSC code can only be used once to update the navigation maps. Any additional changes will necessitate the purchase of a new code.

The FSC code is linked to the VIN number and map version of your vehicle. We will NOT be able to refund your money if you enter the incorrect VIN number or choose the incorrect Map Version. We require the donor VIN/Chasis number for retrofitted head units. Please review our Terms and Conditions.

Because we collect files directly from the BMW database, the codes are all the same as they are at the dealership.

One-time FSC Code: It only works once and will prompt you for a new code with each navigation update. Price 20$
Lifetime FSC Code: The FSC code will be saved in the database and will never be required in the future when the navigation will be updated. Price 30$


BMW USB Upgrade

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Life-Time, One-Time


Effortlessly navigate with intuitive smartphone-like operation. Search destinations freely, with cloud-based dynamic route calculation and real-time updates. Stay informed with hazard warnings, proactive suggestions, and adaptive maps. Experience Augmented View for enhanced driving.


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